SRK and Salman in News again!

Being rich and powerful is something which has nothing to do with your religion. But today’s humans are so pathetic that they use this heavenly issue of religion in order to achieve their goals.

In Bollywood The Khans are ruling the industry since last couple of decades. The number of Khans in Bollywood is not confirm and its still increasing. However, the battle for the power game is still going on ever since. To gain success, name and fame these actors risk all their stakes. Now it includes their religion as well.

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan are both two big names of the industry. They are ruling their niches like a boss for last many years. The super active and talented both Khans are best in their business. But now the battle of billionaires has gone too far. The both Kings are gone too far as they  went one on one late night at the birthday bash of Katrina Kaif.

The news spread out like fire in the jungle and both the Khans refused to say anything about it.

However, the real war started when it comes to business. Both tried to score more for their movies. The ageless  Sallu gave non stop 8 block busters. However, the king khan SRK also achieved new milestone by the launch of Chenni Express which was first Indian movie to be released in South.

At this plate form when both the Khans became equal in business and financial scoring, they started to include religion also too it. Salman introduced himself as Hindu Muslim which he did to satisfy his Hindu fans. On the other hand Shahrukh is the one who is married to a non Muslim lady.

Video –

The people of 21st century are also well informed and clever and they can understand that it has nothing to do with their religion. Thats why they have refused this and declared Salman and Shahrukh both as Hindus.

Srk and Salman are both Hindus

Its been a trend in Bollywood that they call themselves as Hindu-Muslims and we all know that there is no religion as hindu-Muslims. But in Bollywood in order to keep both the Hindu and Muslim fans satisfied they represent themselves as duel religion followers which sounds like out of senses.

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Benazir Bhutto once again in news

Benazir Bhutto was the daughter of late Mr.Bhutto who was a great leader but criticized by many as he was the reason that East Pakistan separated and became Bangladesh.

Benazir Bhutto died in an attack on 27th December, 2007. Her death was an organised assassination done by some professional assassins. Benazir also lived a controversial life just like her father. She was like an angel for the people of Sindh. But she was criticized by the Nation due to her vast resources of wealth and mansions that worth millions of dollars.

However, this is a fact now that the majority of main stream politicians in Pakistan are anti-state. The blame army for all the  misery and mishaps happening within the nation.

Pakistan became nuclear power in 1998 but after that a chain of events started which is still going on non stop and Pakistan has become one of the major news in all the news networks of the world. Seems like the Pakistan with nuclear power is not acceptable to the great powers of the world.

After 7 years of her death, Benazir is again in news because of her interview with an Indian new channel in which Bhutto blamed Mr. A.Q Khan for selling the nuclear technology to other countries. The video clip has gone viral right after the speech of Bilawal Zardari. This is expected to create an outrage just as it happen with the discovery of Saray palace being owned by Benazir and family.

                  Video  –

Soon the nation will be asking questions about this interview in which the Late Benazir is is accusing Pakistan’s armed forces for selling the nuclear technology. In our country it is not considered good to disrespect anyone not alive but what if the person has done uncountable damage to your country. The discussion is still going on and the nation has to decide that who is with nation and who is just making lame excuses.

Anti – State statements of Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto was the 1st ever female president in any Islamic  country. She died in an attack couple of years ago. Her death is still an issue as the case is confusing.


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Reham Khan Exposed (behind the scene)

This is special footage of Live program show, Currently aired by Mubashir Lucman named “Kharra Sach”. Mubashir Lucman invited Reham Khan in live show for current political situation.

However Reham Khan was badly exposed by cameraman on this occasion. They were actually talking about current political situation and cameraman roll in without any notification. Although he got only voice of Reham Khan saying “Tabdeeli aye gi to mery cheque b milen gy”.

After this incident everyone has solid clue over ARY news network.


Update: Recently PEMRA banned Khara Sach. Mubashir Lucman’s top rated show is banned from transmission due to allegation of PEMRA. However there is no any sudden less official statement from PEMRA.

Seems like Mubashir’s era is over, means no more criticism. Is this is a step of PEMRA for banning criticising channels? If that so why GEO news network is not banned in Pakistan? Everyone know how GEO is performing biased against Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Imran Khan. Every person has specific positive and negative factors but GEO news only focus on negative side of PTI and Imran Khan. However there are lot more to criticise on Muslim League Noon (Nawaz).

However this situation could be highly paid by officials or third party. Let’s see what will be the future of Mubashir Lucman and ARY TV.

rehaam Khan exposed

Here you go, special footage of behind the scene by Team 3rd Word production. You may find this footage disturbing but ARY supporting PTI and Imran Khan.

Babur Vs Godaveri (Indian Ship) in Arabian Ocean

Pakistan and India both have seen many ups and down ever since they came into being. Kashmir is just one reason of many other reasons that Pakistan and India had to face three wars with one another.

There is no doubt that Pakistan is a peaceful country and is always being humble in any kind of relation with India. Either it’s about the tension at boarders, the issue of releasing Indian prisoners, cricket match or any kind of bargain.

However, the dream of bigger and better India has made India restless since 1947.

The madness of increasing the amount and technology of warfare has lead us to be an atomic state as well. Even now Pakistan is also atomic power but India is still restless and is showing the bitterness and rude behavior in each matter. With the up coming new government of Mr. Moodi people are assuming to see the worst situation as Moodi is known as the “Butcher of Gujarat”.

Moodi’s anti-Muslim attitude will be remembered in history as the major reason that Pakistan and India went too far. We the Pakistan ever want war but if it is against our dignity and against our motherland then we will not tolerate either it’s Moodi or Gandhi.

An incident happened couple of weeks ago when the Indian Navy ship came too close to the Pakistani Navy ship Babur. The Indians started abusing the Pakistani armed forces and then what happened is called “History repeats itself”.


First they miss behave after that they have to face the consequences like always. This time it was two big war ships that were face to face and thank God it all went clear without any bad incident. Just a little bit fun and nothing more.

However, the Pakistani foreign office has lodged a protest against the miss behave by the Indian officials. The proof of which is provided by a video clip which is filmed by an Indian personal from the Indian ship and it can be seen that how miss behaved Indian armed forces are.


Pakistani ship Babur against Indian Ship

India and Pakistan both came into being on same date right after the partition in 1947. However, India’s dream of greater India has always effected the relations between India and Pakistan. The bitterness is not only in culture now or at boarders but it can also be seen deep in the waters.

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Heart Winning Talent

This world is full of talent people who have such God given qualities that one can;t help without stopping and noticing them.

These people don’t believe in living their day and nights like others living without any aim. They just want to surprise the world and they believe strongly in their talent.

More than this, these amazing people burn mid night oil to practice and master their skills. This life sometimes appear to short to live a dream and the day you realize this, you also understand the importance of time and how to utilize it.

A perfect example of it is the people who are usually found early in the morning or late night along the road sides with no traffic or in local public parks. They are fitness freak and this is their moto of life to stay young and fit till there last breath.

One of the most discussed topics in this world is how to discover what is your purpose of life or what you are made to do. This is one specific skill or task that you will never get board of no matter you perform no matter how much times. Even if you perform it thousands of times in a day, you will enjoy it instead of getting board.

     Video –

But the million dollar question is still that How to discover what you are made to do?

It might be singing or any special kind of sports. Your God given skills don’t need practice and you can perform it like a boss from the very first day. A perfect example of it is Sarah Ellen from Sydney, Australia.

Sarah is blessed with a special eyebrows dance talent which has turned her into you-tube sensation in a fortnight.  She has almost 5,000 followers at her Facebook profile. And millions of views at her YouTube videos.


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Most amazing and sweet girl

There are many amazing and talented people in the world but this girl is quite unique without any doubt.

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